About EduSamskar

Let it be for ourselves or for our kids, we always found it difficult to get the right educational products at the right times which are of the best quality available at reasonable prices. Every time we had to visit different stores so as to acquire those products and still we had to find a substitute for a few because we were not able to find the right product that we were in need of. We simply can’t compromise when it comes to education. The best is what is required to make the best out of it.
We at Edusamskar provide you with all the educational products let it be books, stationeries, uniforms, accessories and what not in a single window. We make sure that you find all those that you are in need of without wasting your precious time.

As the name denotes we uphold the sanctity of education focusing at the intellectual development of the subject. 
We search throughout the internet for educational products and bring you the highest quality making shopping for school a delightful experience. Sit back and relax this school season and the seasons to come, we have got your back. You be a student/parent/teacher it doesn’t matter, we have every product you may require. You do not have to go around town looking for all the products you need for school/college as we have compiled everything right here. We service the needs of educational institutions as well.
You will find up-to-date products possessing the best features and quality here, available at the best prices. Products such as arts & crafts, classroom & office essentials, books and literatures (for every curriculum with the updated syllabus), stationeries & accessories, uniforms, classroom technologies, multilingual resources, teacher resources, educational game kits etc. You name it and we have it.
At Edusamskar, our goal is provide you with a comprehensive, up to date product offering, backed up by excellent service and competitive pricing. Thousands of products are offered with brand names you respect and trust.
From preschool, all the way to PhD, let us be a part of your wonderful journey as a companion and a resource provider.

About The Founder
Mr. Sajeev Othayoth is the helmsman of Edusamskar, who is an experienced teacher and is also running a Govt. Approved counselling centre for students to find the right career with respect to their liking and skill set taking into consideration the present employment market conditions. He is very well known for his studies and researches in the field of education with the aim of reforming the traditional setups to get updated in terms of quality, equipments, curriculum etc. 
His academic career itself reveals the focus he has towards the world of education and on how to improve it. He has his masters on economics and psychology. Along with this he did post graduation diploma in journalism, counselling psychology and yoga. He is an experienced yoga trainer. He worked in NIMHANS Mumbai as a life skill trainer and has also conducted training in child development centres. He is also an authorized trainer in adolescent mental health education. His expertise and knowledge in the field of education is immense.  He exactly knows what is needed for the parents/teachers/students and is dedicated in delivering that through Edusamskar. 

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