Qualitas Products Premium Kids Bento Boxes - 5 Bento Box Divided Microwave Safe

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• LIDS SNAP SHUT AND STAY SHUT TO FORM A GREAT SEAL AND ARE EASY FOR YOUR KIDS TO OPEN! Make it easy for your small kids or your parents or grandparents to open and close their lunch containers with our THUMB TAB LID. Because we make our lids easy to open, they are therefore NOT LEAK PROOF and Not recommended for Liquids!• GREAT TIME SAVER FOR PACKING YOUR KIDS AND YOUR OWN LUNCHES & SNACKS! 5 reusable containers with 3 separate divided compartments.• MAKES PACKING LUNCH FUN! Get your kids, toddlers to eat health food they would normally grumble and moan about. Our lids are our own unique bright cute custom pantone colors. Your kids want to make their own lunch with our bento boxes and are excited to open them to see and eat what’s inside.• US FDA APPROVED RECYCLABLE FOOD GRADE plastic containers that are Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe. Thicker, Heavier and Deeper than you would expect. FITS A FULL UNCUT SANDWICH. NO BPA, PVC or Phthalates. Makes Portion Control and a Balance Diet Easy• LIFETIME WARRANTY with 100% MONEY BACK POLICY. We stand behind our products and offer a No Questions Asked 100% Hassle Free MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. We have thousands of satisfied customers. Check out the hundreds of positive reviews below.


Product Description

Save Time in The Mornings and Evenings and Make Healthier Lunches for You and the Kids with Our Premium Bento Boxes!

As 2 full time working parents, we appreciate anything that can help us save time and effort in the busy mornings and evenings and allow us to either spend more time with the kids or just get more sleep.

We developed our Bento Boxes with busy parents in mind.

For kids lunches they work great for providing one container with separations to hold multiple food or snack items. They are easy for kids to open and seal back up.

For dinner leftovers, they are super for storing multiple foods from dinner again in one container. They are large enough and proportioned just right for providing a full dinner for our kids and ourselves for the next or some future nights dinner (or freezer if longer).

What makes it even more convenient is being able to take them right from the refrigerator (or freezer) and throw them in the microwave and not have to re-dish them onto other plates. Everyone just eats right from their own bento box and then right into the dishwasher.

Super Safe for Kids. RECYCLABLE food grade plastic containers that are MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER AND FREEZER SAFE.
Our Bento Boxes are BPA FREE, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free, and Won't crack. The plastic does not easily stain and does not leach into foods. Only 2 pieces, the lid and the bottom tray, make cleaning super easy.


Bright Colors -- Fits Most Lunch Box Coolers -- Great Time Saver -- Super Strong and Long Lasting -- Create Quick and Easy Lunches and Leftovers For the Next Day!

Our lids SNAP ON and STAY ON with an Easy-To-Open tab!
Our bright colored lids are Easy for Anyone to Snap On and Easy to Open. They are Not Leak Proof because we wanted the smallest child or the older adult not to have to struggle to open our bento boxes, yet the lids stay on even after being dropped!

​Make Packing Lunches a Breeze! Prepare lunch for a whole week without worrying about freshness!

Perfect for taking lunch or snacks to school, work or on long trips.
Use a different colored box each day

​Kids Love Our Custom Colored Lids

Our colored lids are brighter and more colorful than our competitors. We formulated our own custom bright color combinations. We receive comments all the time from parents on how much their kids love to pack their own lunches with our Bento Boxes. See our reviews below for more.

SUPER SAFE for Kids. Recyclable, Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe. Very Durable with Deeper Compartments Than You Would Expect!

Our Bento Boxes are Thick Food Grade Plastic, BPA FREE, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free, and Won't crack. The plastic does not easily stain and does not leach into foods. Only 2 pieces, the lid and the bottom tray, make cleaning super easy.



PORTION CONTROL is The Key to Losing Weight!
Our compartments are perfect size and volume for keeping you from over eating and keep you on track to lose weight. Let our Bento Boxes play a part in changing your eating habits! 

Your Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority!

Let Us WOW You With Our Unmatched Service!


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