Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 417 Functions

Price starting from 14.14

• Scientific Calculator with Natural Textbook Display• Total Number of Functions - 417• List Based Stat-Data Editor for Easy Viewing and Statistical Calculation• Probability, Calculus, Permutation Combination, Random Number Calculation features• Table Function• Dual Powered - Solar & Battery so that you can use for long time without the need of battery replacement• 3 Years All India Manufacturer Warranty


Product Description

Many different people may need to use calculators depending on the daily tasks they face. Students often need them for schoolwork. Adults find them handy to have around the house or in a purse or briefcase for many reasons, including paying bills and balancing the checkbook. Office workers, especially in the finance and accounting fields, need them to calculate different things on a daily basis. The casio desk calculator comes in handy for all your multiple purposes and it's various features makes it easy to use . Casio adds fun and convenience to daily life. The brand is known for setting new trends.

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